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Jersey fabric

Jersey is a knit fabric used predominantly for clothing manufacture. It was originally made of wool, but is now made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Since medieval times, Jersey, Channel Islands, where the material was first produced, had been an important exporter of knitted goods and the fabric in wool from Jersey became well known....

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String Theory Launches Supersymmetry


String Theory has launched an innovative, interactive project called Supersymmetry. The online textile design platform allows users to design hyper-personalized scarves that can be divided in two and shared with a loved one. The project was inspired by the classic, heart-shaped friendship pendant and the theory of supersymmetry....

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Gap Inc to close 225+ stores globally as sales continue to decline


The US retailer, Gap Inc., has announced plans for closing down more than 225 stores worldwide this year, with a further batch next year. A net loss of $62 million in revenue declined 18% during the second quarter. Sales from physical companies decreased by 48%, compared with a meteorically 95% increase in online sales. During this time, the company has acquired over 3.5 million clients....

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kim jones at Fendi Is a Fresh Coup for Italy’s Fashion Capital


It was cappuccino o’clock this sunny morning in Milan when Insta-feeds across the city lit up with the intel: Kim Jones is joining Fendi. By the time the details had been established—that Jones will assume the artistic directorship of Fendi’s womenswear collections while remaining designer at Dior Men—it was apparent that this new role is big news for both the designer Kim Jones and Italy’s fashion capital....

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The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) recently launched its new Chain of Custody Advisory Group


The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) recently launched its new Chain of Custody Advisory Group. The purpose of the new Advisory Group is to provide advice on the development of the Better Cotton Chain of Custody – the key framework that connects demand with supply of Better Cotton and helps to incentivise cotton farmers to adopt more sustainable practices....

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