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Global Luxury Brand to plea landlords for discount & flexibility

Luxury Brand

When sales fall, traditional and luxury retailers like Hugo Boss, Burberry, Mulberry and Nordstrom are pressing their landlords for flexibility. Burberry, a British luxury firm, partnered with landlords in the Asian shop network on rental relief. In tough market conditions, Hugo Boss seeks ‘selective and temporary’ rental relief and Nordstrom plans to decrease rental payments by early next year....

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Invention of shape-changing textiles powered only by body heat


A new study led by researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Design of Active Materials and Structures Lab (DAMSL) and Wearable Technology Lab (WTL) details the development of a temperature-responsive textile that can be used to create self-fitting garments powered only by body heat. The study, led by graduate students Kevin Eschen and Rachael Granberry and professors Julianna Abel and Brad Holschuh was recently published in Advanced Materials Technologies. ...

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