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How to Wash Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton is considered by many to be one of the best wool blanket suppliers in the world. If you own a Pendleton wool blanket, you know how durable, high-quality, and warm they are. But when it comes to wash and care for your wool blanket, how do you do so properly to keep it in the best condition?...

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how to make dress longer

Dress Longer

A short dress can look trendy and cool, but it can also leave you feeling uncomfortable and awkward. If you find a dress you love and feel that the hemline sits a bit too high for your personal taste, don’t worry! You can easily learn how to make a dress longer using methods ranging from stretching it out to adding extra material at the hem....

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Cotton Poplin Fabrics

Poplin fabric also called tabinet is a plain weave material characterized by crosswise ribs. Tightly woven, it contains fine warp yarns and coarser weft yarns. It is a strong material most often found in shirts, dresses and pajamas. The average poplin weight is around 100 g/m 2....

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Cotton and Linen Summer Fabrics

Summer Fabric

How to stay cool on a hot summer day? Wear fabrics built for the heat. Cotton, linen, viscose, silk – there are dozens of summer-friendly materials you can choose for your wardrobe. The best fabric to opt for when the temperature rises should be breathable and comfortable....

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