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t KHOSHRANG Company we compete globally to meet the highest quality standards using the best resources and capabilities which include highly qualified personnel, updated machinery, technology and also superb raw materials from recognized suppliers.

All raw materials are processed with high technology machinery to knit, dye, print and finally to finish the fabrics.

Over than 130 tons of various fabrics are produced per month at this factory furthermore there is ability to produce hundreds of different patterns.

We provide fabric to all of our clients while respecting community and environment. Our commitment to our clients and partners is to permanently renovate technology, production methods/techniques, design support, flexibility, lead times, terms of delivery, and pay attention to their special requirements.

Company Objectives

• Development of domestic and global markets and supplying competitive products in target markets

• Upgrading the level of personnel’s knowledge and skills

• Increasing the variety of products and services

• Investing on researches and applying them to improve the quality and production level

circular knitting

high technology machinery


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