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Iran Textiles

Iran Textiles

About Iran Textiles

Iran Textiles and apparel industry

Iran has a rich textile history.

Archeologists can date the country’s textile production back at least 10,000 years. In those early years Persia produced tapestries and carpets for domestic and international markets, which were particularly renowned for their elaborate designs and colors.

much of the output of Persia’s weavers has rightly been hailed as masterworks.

The first European-style factories in Persia were established in the 1850s and were among the first establishments in the country to use modern technology.

The Iranian textile industry consists of companies engaged in spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, and printing, and of finishing plants that process yarns from natural and synthetic fibers to produce a variety of woven and knitted fabrics.

Iran Textiles

persian clothing

Traditional Persian clothing can be seen in Persian miniature paintings, employ both vivid and muted colors for clothing, although the colors of paint pigment often do not match the colors of dyes.

The clothing of ancient Iran took an advanced form, and the fabric and color of clothing became very important at that time. Depending on the social status, eminence, climate of the region and the season, Persian clothing during the Achaemenian period took various forms. The philosophy used in Persian clothing, in addition to being functional, also had an aesthetic role.

persian clothing
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