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How to Sew a Buttonhole by Hand


If you find yourself without a sewing machine and you need to know how to sew a buttonhole by hand, read on. While it may sound complicated, the truth is that sewing a buttonhole by hand doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, especially if you know what you’re doing. And knowing what you’re doing is easier than you think....

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COOLMAX is a specially engineered type of polyester exclusively produced by Invista, an American textile corporation. This polyester fabric consists of fibers that are carefully engineered to wick moisture and allow the passage of heat. COOLMAX fabric has a variety of potential applications, and it is a popular material for socks, jeans, and other types of apparel. While there are other fabrics with similar attributes to this engineered textile, COOLMAX is the sole trademark of Invista....

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What Is Milk Cotton Fabric?

Milk Fabric

Milk cotton is a type of fabric that is made with the casein powder found in milk. This type of fabric is also called milk fiber or casein fiber, and it has historically been mixed with a number of substances to provide them with a cotton-like texture and tensility....

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